Wecome to Insect CAZyme and Gene Function Annotation Database (iCAZyGFADB). ICAZyGFADB is a database integrating CAZyme annotation function and genome annotation function (eight annotation functions: GO annotation, KEGG annotation, COG annotation, eggNOG annotation, Swissprot annotation, Pfam annotation, KOG annotation, and AnimalTFDB annotation). The data source of CAZyme annotation, the largest annotation function of this database, comes from the whole genome sequence of Cyrtotrachelus buqueti completed by our scientific research team(Chun Fu et al., 2021; Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution) and the genome data of 150 insects published in public genome databases such as NCBI, Ensembl and DDBJ. The database has completed CAZyme annotation in 151 insect genomes, including 35572 CAZyme genes, including 11732 GHs, 15671 GTs, 3635 CBMs, 4129 AAs, 377 CEs and 28 PLs. This database solves the problem of genome function annotation and integrates the eight genome annotation tools. Users can easily use this database to complete the eight genome annotation of all biological genomes at one time. This database provides researchers with a CAZyme annotation tool for insect genome and eight genome annotation tools for all organisms free of charge. This database opens a function for users to submit insect genome CAZyme information to this database. We hope that researchers can like and use this database, and researchers of CAZyme gene family of insect genome can share their research to this database.

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What's new?

The iCAZyGFADB version 1.0 is now online for test.

We have designed the architectures of the database and website for a faster speed and more friendly interfaces.

We have been improving the iCAZyGFADB for serving users better. Please CONTACT US if you have any advices, suggestions and questions, which would do great help with us.

How to cite us?

If the iCAZyGFADB does help with your work, please cite the database as: Chun Fu et al. iCAZyGFADB: An insect CAZyme and Gene Function Annotation Database for 151 insect genomes. Database. 2023.

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